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Our company, which was established in the early 2000s, has grown day by day and reached more and more customers every day. Because we always keep the satisfaction of our customers at the forefront, all our customers want to work with us every time their ships come to Panama. For this reason, most of our customer portfolio consists of our former customers.

Our adventure, which we started 20 years ago, continues at full speed on this road we set out to provide you with the highest quality service in today's changing world rules and the supplies made on the ships are made according to various rules. We continue our services that we offer to you without any quality concerns.

Today, Ship Chandler is one of the top 5 most professional and fully authorized companies in the Panama region, thanks to you, we have been serving your ships for many years with solid steps on this path we have progressed in line with our quality policy. We consider it our duty to present our endless gratitude to you for being with us on this long journey.

Due to the freight decreases in the maritime market after the first quarter of 2023, the costs have increased more than ever before due to the worldwide Corona epidemic. Today, the costs of shipping companies are increasing day by day. This is not just the food and consumables used by the ships; increases in fuel prices, increases in personnel costs, increases in ship insurance costs, increases in port services and many other items. Ship Chandler Panama only deals with the supply of ships, we do our best to reduce your costs, even if a little, to return you with the most suitable offers as much as we can in a time where costs are so high today.

By contacting The Ship Chandler Singapore, you can supply all your ship's needs in Panama with the best service quality guarantee.

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